Monday, October 20, 2008

From Debbie Mendes, Girl Scout Leader

The girls had a great time. My 6 year old actually thanked me for bringing her to the clean up, she said it was fun! The streets do look nice.

It is great to get them involved at this young age, maybe it will stick with them, to stay involved in their communities!

I thought my 6 yr old would be so exhausted, but alas she is still awake and going strong!

I am one of the Girl Scout Service Unit Managers for South Hadley. That pretty much means I give all the leaders info, hold a monthly meetings, try to help keep the troops involved. So if you have any other community service projects you may like the scouts to help with send me an email... Your niece Caroline was in my troop for a few years, she can tell you that we keep them busy !

Debbie Mendes

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