Thursday, September 18, 2008

Volunteers from South Hadley High School!

We're scheduled for a connecticut river cleanup on Oct. 4, but why not make a month out of it? I personally will be in Boston that weekend, but I could do my part to orchestrate an event, if another cleanup isn't overkill. Just a thought- Bridge street is pretty close to the river, this is the area we cleaned last year along the Connecticut.


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I'll do my best to sell it-I'll give the kids their comm service projects next week-so it'll be a great way to have some preloaded projects for the kids. Hopefully some will show. I'll keep you posted, jacob

p.s. I have added Abbe Hamilton the enviro club ringleader on this email to help me push with other kids-plus I know that she had a river cleanup scheduled for around that time-not sure of the exact daate-but maybe we could coordinate

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Jacob, it was nice to see you and the girls outside the Senior Center today. I love wagons!

A Make A Difference Day Committee has been formed to do some clean up on Main and Bridge Streets and the surrounding areas. We are hoping that your high school students would have an interest in helping us. It will be on Saturday, Oct. 18 from 9-1 with a rain date of October 25. When you respond, could you please include the two individuals I have cc'd on this e-mail as I will actually be away from Sept. 30-Oct. 19th. Thanks for considering this request.

Linda Young

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